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980 RUM 1977


Client: J. Faria & Filhos

Crafted with great care, this particular Madeira Rum is a numbered batch with only 1100 units available, making it a truly exclusive product. The rum was aged for nearly four decades in oak casks, from 1977 until it was bottled in 2015.

The design for this limited edition of Madeira Rum was inspired by the distillation process in copper columns, which is the main illustration element used in both the label and the package tube. The color scheme features only black and copper to further emphasize its exclusivity and luxurious image.

The main illustration is a technical drawing of a copper distillation column, like the ones used to create this exceptional product. The label consists of two elements: the top one with a black-on-black finish using screen printing gloss to highlight the illustration, and the bottom one with a challenging solution of having black print on top of the foil hot stamping.

Elegantly wrapped in black tissue the bottle is placed inside a special tube designed to resemble a copper column. All of these technical solutions were developed to showcase the uniqueness of this remarkable vintage.

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