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Client: Bulhosas

In 2017 Bulhosas requested to create a promotional label that showcased the diverse printing and finishing techniques they offer. While walking in the local park, and captivated by the sight of a magnificent peacock gracefully wandering around, and we realised that this could be the perfect inspiration for the design. Taking cues from the bird's striking colours, a simplified figure with a triangulated shape was created, which allowed to incorporate a stunning color palette that included Pantone's color of the year. Several finishes such as embossing, hot stamping, and screen-printing varnishes were incorporated to further enhance the label's visual appeal.

Thanks to its eye-catching design, this project won the Label Category in PAPIES 2017 and was a finalist in HP INKSPIRATION the same year. It also became the go-to marketing image for the company, featuring in trade shows and other marketing materials.

PAPPIES'17 winner // HP Inkspiration'17 Finalist
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